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GiGi is an international hair specialist on hair & scalp. Her career started when she was 13 years old in Rio de Janeiro. Her 36 years of experience and training with top French hair stylist Alex Alexander has given her the ability to fashion hair according to the clients facial structure and color of skin. Her training continued with Italian and German colorists with hair cut styles for every type of problem hair. Her clients represent a cross section of ages and professions, including the entertainment industry.

She perfected the Capillary hair formula after her scalp was burned in an accident and doctors predicted it would never grow back. With only part of a family hair growth formula passed down by her elders from the Brazilian rain forest, GiGi went on a quest into the jungle to find the rest of the ingredients. There she experimented for months with exotic plant extracts until she discovered the correct combination of herbs and roots.

After massaging the solution into her scalp daily for three months, soft fuzzy patches appeared. Ecstatic, GiGi knew she would not have to wear wigs for the rest of her life. Two and a half years later, she had a full head of hair again.

Since the beginning of her career, she has used her spirituality to help her clients ease tension and relax their state of being. She is a vegetarian, practices Yoga and has used meditation since early childhood. Her energy and positive attitude expresses her spiritual well-being which is the key to her success and happiness.

In her Beverly Hills salon, GiGi uses only natural hair products, no peroxide, no alcohol, no ammonia. She even mixes her own hair dyes that are vegetable based. A poster hangs in her shop that expresses her philosophy, "Man belongs to the Earth, Earth does not belong to man."

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